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Consistent, well planned improvements within your business framework directly lead to decrease of costs and better customer service, thus, contributing to revenue increase. As electronic means of communication start to prevail, real-time explicit business information exchange becomes fundamental for success. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a solution that was invented to perform and control all business processes that exist within company and to integrate all business data in one single system. This solution allows companies to efficiently handle all issues that are related to manufacturing, distribution, inventory tracking, accounting, shipping and other enterprise-related processes through one system database that centralizes the information from different system modules.

Companies of a larger size can dramatically improve their business efficiency by introducing such a powerful software, as it will:

  • centralize all company's information and enable prompt data transfer & exchange between different departments
  • automate all business processes, thus, decreasing the risks related to human factor
  • easily manage different products on each and every stage of their lifecycle
  • improve payment collecting process and ensure continuous cash flow (automatic lists of late payers, notifications to customers, etc.)
  • perform better activity while spending less money on support of supplementary departments and additional employees
  • eliminate the doubling of the same tasks by different employees and departments within one company
  • organise and decrease the number of software entities that form the back office framework of larger organisations
  • converge and centralize the data of previously incompatible software applications
  • automatically generate periodical reports on company's business activity
  • promptly identify trends within the organization and make appropriate adjustments to ensure better customer retention

Typically, ERP system includes the following modules:

  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Finance
  • General Management
  • Human Resources
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Data Warehouse

Here, in Program-Ace, we offer a full cycle of custom ERP production - starting with pre-project analysis & technical consulting and ending with post-project system support.

In order to build an efficient ERP system company needs to start with detailed analysis of all business processes existing inside of it. Such analysis can be performed individually by the customer or in close collaboration with our company.

ERP Pre-Project Analysis in Program-Ace

In close interaction with the customer our technical analyst finalizes the textual description of all processes that need to be automated inside of customer's company. It is an iterative process, as in most cases the description initially provided by customer does not cover all processes with the required level of detail. Therefore, such description needs to be extended and refined multiple times.

When the full description of business-processes is completed, our analysts investigate the correspondence between different processes and requirements, and, if necessary, suggest the customer how to avoid their inconsistency (formalize business-processes through algorithmization able).

Finally, all business processes are embodied in UML diagrams and presented in detailed Software Requirements Specification document, which provides a solid basis for further ERP software development.

ERP Development Stage

Majority of software development projects in Program-Ace are managed in accordance with RUP (Rational Unified Process) methodology.

Post-Project Support

After your ERP system is launched, our development team remains available for you any time for any future modifications: we can integrate any technological innovations into your system within short time frame. Program-Ace follows gradual implementations, avoiding the shut down of all key business processes at once. Alternatively, it is possible to build in a number of modules without installing the entire package. Most importantly, Program-Ace custom ERP software will be tailored to suit your business, instead of forcing your business to fit the ERP system.

Simple, yet convenient, web interface allows our customers to quickly get accustomed to a new system; moreover, such systems are easily installed on the LAN and accessible through typical web browsers.

If you would like to find out more about Enterprise Resource Planning systems at Program-Ace, contact us directly for comprehensive advice and assistance.

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