Glock 19 Virtual Trainer

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Program-Ace and Digimation have jointly developed the "Glock 19 Virtual Trainer", delivering compelling virtual training for this popular pistol in an award-winning package. Key functions include loading and firing operations as well as assembly and disassembly instructions. Practice and test modes allow for interactive rehearsals of operations and validation of knowledge.

The resulting product is the first small arms virtual trainer that provides photorealistic image quality, and raises the bar in the area of virtual training.

Target Group

Military and civilian users who need training operating and maintaining a Glock 19 pistol.


To develop a virtual training application that accelerates knowledge acquisition and while eliminating safety concerns associated with live firearms training.

Technology Goals

The main technical and creative tasks set for the project team:

  • Development of a universal virtual training framework that supports the business logic of nearly any kind of virtual training simulations;
  • Easy-to-adapt localization for any language;
  • Development of a graphical 3D platform for high-end visualization using a special version of the Ace3D Engine, and compatibility with the majority of modern video cards.


A complex virtual training application was created that implements all the required business logic, both for the Glock 19 pistol training and for the requirements of virtual training at large.

SDK for fast and efficient authoring of any kind of virtual training application was developed.


  • A dedicated team of developers, QA engineers, game designers, 2D/3D artists, 3D animators, analysts and managers;
  • Internal business analytics activities to investigate business models of virtual training applications and specific devices such as The Glock 19 pistol;
  • Internal R&D activities — as the basis for specific 3D solutions.

Technical Achievements

We developed a full-featured 3D Application that uses the power of video hardware acceleration, based on DirectX9 with shader model SM3.

An application that has native resolution of 1680x1050 and works correctly with any other resolution/aspect ratio including Full HD. Full-screen and window modes are both supported.

Our highly optimized real-time 3D engine allows rendering of Glock 19 model with ~800000 semi-transparent triangles per frame.

Advanced skeleton-based animation system, that we developed, allows real-time visualization of common tasks with the Glock19 including assembly/disassembly, firing, cleaning etc.

The application presents full-featured GUI subsystem with common controls like buttons, static panels, text boxes, edit controls, as well as advanced controls like Tree-View, property tables, playback controls, and popup-windows with video rendering.

We released a convenient way to manipulate the 3D model of a pistol in free-play mode with a mouse.

Our localization system allows instructors to change the language of the virtual trainer by simply replacing single XML file.


Program-Ace is looking for other opportunities to implement the Ace3D Engine for virtual training, and any other application that would benefit from photorealistic, interactive training or troubleshooting.

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